About Us

“ Spices of the World DOO” is a company which has more than 20 years of experience in business in Horeca industry. This successful team has gained the experience in prestigious companies abroad, in USA, UK, etc.

Our goal is to complete the richness of domestic cuisine of our potential consumers, chefs, owners of restaurants and others in Serbia, by offering a wide variety of tastes, aromas, spices and other ingredients from different continents and regions, such as: Asia, Latin America, North America, Scandinavia…

If you are reading this, we assume that you are willing and ready to serve your guests something new and exclusive, with the original taste of the foreign cuisine from which the ingredient is coming from. It means that you are also ready to reduce the time you spend in the kitchen – therefore reducing the total price level and the workforce.  In addition to that, you are being supplied from one location, your costs are reduced to minimum, you boost your profit, and at the same time – you have a satisfied customer.

We are guided by the highest quality. We are looking for partners who want to fulfill the growing demands of the majority of consumers on a very picky Serbian market of catering services, foodservice, restaurants, etc….

Our particular area of expertise is:

  • Distribution and supply of spices, sauces, goods of herbal and animal origin, and other ingredients to HORECA group, supermarket and hypermarket chain stores in Serbia.
  • Representative office of large producers of food (and not European wholesalers) and distribution on the territory of ex Yugoslavia. (Suree Interfoods-Thailand, Midas- India, Goldmedal Products – USA, PocoLoco – Belgium, Belix-, Belgium, Pasquier-France, Yama Products, Japan….
  • Education of chefs and the following staff
  • Transfer and implementation of new and modern procedures in the process of making international dishes in restaurants, hotels, catering services, etc.
  • Organization and management of specific theme days of international cuisines from all over the world
  • Modernization of outdated facilities and transfer of knowledge from world famous cooking centers
  • Expert assistance in opening new restaurants

Our advantages:

From our warehouses, located on the territory in and outside of Belgrade, we distribute the goods to our consumer in up to 24 hours from the time of the order.  If a certain product is not available on stock, we are ready to order it from anywhere in the world, and have it on stock in just a few days.

We have constant deliveries from world leading producers of food, and every product is legal and has a health certificate with all the following documentation.  Our buyers in HACCP system do not need to worry.

We also offer consulting services, for every foreign cuisine from which the products comes from, and with the taste of the dish, we give you feeling as if you are in that country right now – a country from which the product came.

We constantly train and follow European and world cooking trends, new recipes in all cuisines, and we cooperate with the best Serbian and foreign chefs.

We deliver with the specialized vehicles for the transfer of frozen and other products.

We offer over 1000 food and non-food articles from 17 different countries.